Sustainable Sardinia's website is online

A first post for this website, and a summary of what's going on.

Here we go! The first post in this website, that I managed to finally put together.

If you’ve just come here, please take some time to go read more about what Sustainable Sardinia is, its manifesto, and how to contribute by clicking on the links in the navigation bar.

Also, please do follow Sustainable Sardinia on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. On these social media, I’ve been posting some interesting articles and websites that touch some of the topics within the interests of this initiative, so following can be a good way to learn more.

At the moment of writing, Sustainable Sardinia has only two projects, of which I’m project coordinator, and I’m in the process of defining their details. This shouldn’t stop you from sending an email to propose a project or ask for more info.

Andrea Picciau, the coordinator

📷 “Sardinia, sunrise” by chrissusieking is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.